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slam dunk opening
enoshima electric railway


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enoshima electric railway
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Song: さよならの夏 ~コクリコ坂から~
Artist: 手嶌葵
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the story isn’t the best, but the soundtrack was exquisite.

outside the school, inside the school. 

the building is the on the left of the ferris wheel.

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a slope near the apartment.


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my apartment
photo post

My humble abode in Kikuna (Yokohama).

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jet lag
no sleep

Our story began on August 22nd, as one small Asian girl ran around her house like a fly with its head cut off, trying to get everything packed and prepared in time.

Ew, gross mental image. A butterfly then? Or maybe not… Some kind of bird instead? But after all, a headless flying animal is a headless flying animal. 

Right. The story. Sorry my dear. 

"I can sleep on the plane tomorrow," she thought then in all her naivete. "It’ll be night then in Japan anyway, what a better way to prevent jet lag?"

The flight in question leaves at 6 am from DFW, and living 2 hours from Dallas, she had to leave at 2 a.m. in the morning to make the flight with enough time to spare. The first stop would be Toronto, and then, after a few hours of layover, it would be goodbye North America, and hello Japan. Sleep a little during the 3 hours to Toronto, sleep some more en route to Narita, wake up come morning Japan time, and all will be fine and dandy, she thought with confidence. After all, she was barely tired on the other side of a cross-pacific flight and a night bus the last time. She’s good with these things. 

Right? Right. 

I know, sweetie, you can’t just assume these things.

Right you are, dear.

So pack without stopping for naps she did, and everything was according to plan…until she couldn’t sleep on the flight to Toronto. At all.

It was a small plane; of the ilk that is more often seen during domestic flights than international ones—though considering the fact that a flight to Canada was not much of an international flight when you’re coming from the States, that should not have come as a surprise to her. And just like those domestic flights she’s been one numerous times, there was no food served—not without having to shell out some money anyway. 

So she settled down with her music, closed her eyes, tried to doze off, with no luck at all. 

Well then, she thought, I can just sleep on the plane to Tokyo. No big deal. 


The first thing she noticed after arriving at Toronto Pearson and checking connecting information is that the flight to Japan was delayed by an hour. Not good considering the fact that if she wanted to keep to Japan time as much as possible on the trip over, she should be asleep through her layover in Toronto. What’s worse, after an hour or so of waiting, it was announced that the delay would be not one, but two hours. 

All the alarm bells went off in her brain then. She knew from all the all-nighters at college and SCAV (“Fuckin’ Yeah!”) that after a certain point, extreme tiredness manifests itself as excitement and what would amont to a caffeine high without the caffeine. 

Not a good prospect at all. 

Nonetheless, once she boarded the plane at last (“finally, Air Canada, only took you two more hours than scheduled”), she slid down the window blinds, closed her eyes, and put up some good efforts at catching a kip—all to no avail of course. 

It just wasn’t meant to be.

So, after a bland dinner of couscous, chicken, bread that taste like cardboard, and some green tea to wash it all down, she was resigned to her fate and pulled out her laptop to watch some movies—the in-flight entertainment selection having nothing that she wanted to watch. 

Thank Merlin for Boeing 777 and AC power ports in Economy. Insomnia wouldn’t have been nearly as enjoyable without the combined help of Studio Ghibli, Monty Python, those Awesome Liverpool Lads™ à la Richard Lester. 

No, dear, I don’t know either, “Merlin” must have been her thing.

By the time breakfast was served (omelettes, fruits, those same cardboard bread, and a cup of morning tea) right before touch down, she was deceptively awake and full of energy—energy that would slowly seep out of her as her make the long journey through immigration and customs for her Alien Registration Card (在留カード; though the name ‘Alien” made her quite eager to put down “Gallifrey” for her nationality) and luggages. 

In other words, by the time the guilty call to the landlady informing her of the delay and her impending arrival was made, the luggages were sent ahead via delivery service (宅急便), and she was finally sat on the train bound for Yokohama, she could barely keep her eyes open. 

She was never more grateful for whoever came up with the idea of 宅急便 services at airports. 

Imagine trying to wrestle two luggages, both weighing at around 50 lbs, through the train systems while also carrying a full, heavy backpack and a tote bag that isn’t much lighter.

When you’re so sleepy you might as well be sleep-walking. 

Yeah, she couldn’t either. 

Thankfully, when she called her landlady from a pay phone not far from her (future) apartment and was met with the landlady there, the landlady was very understanding and graciously let her move in, sleep, and take care of important matters later. 

Lying in her already-made bed in her (thankfully!) furnished apartment, sleep finally came at long last, and golden slumber filled her eyes.

Sorry m’dear, I was in a Beatles-y mood, you see.

All right, all right, no corny allusions, dully noted. 

And the rest is silent.

(“Ow! Ow! I get it! Sorry! No more, I promise!”)

IMG_1407 on Flickr.

sunrise over apartment buildings in kyoto. my friends and I went on a spontaneous weekend trip to kyoto for the gion matsuri, and decided that spending the night in a park was a brilliant idea. i ended up watching movies on my ipod while sitting on a swing most of the night, and as morning came we climbed up onto the roof of a nearby apartment building and watched the morning sun as it rose over the skyline.